Saturday, January 01, 2011

clothes for poor children and adults

Aadhar distributed clothes and biscuits to poor children, women and men about 200 people were benefited. Thinking of environment, we decided to wrap the clothes in Newspaer instead of plastic bags. For this good cause Mrs. Pushpa Misra, Mrs. Komal Pradhan, Mrs.Poonam Srivastava and Mrs. Anjali Pandeya volunteer themselves and helped in wrapping minimum two clothes in each pack.
The clothes were given to poor and helpless children on 27th Nov. 2010 at Riksha colony, sec. M Aashiana Lucknow. President Arun Pandeya, treasurer, Miss Manju Gupta, Sec.Mrs. Anjali Pandeya and other members Mrs. Kusum Gupta, Mrs. Pushpa Misra, Mrs. Komal Pradhan gave clothes to children and On 3rd Dec.2010, Mrs. Anjali Pandeya and Poonam Srivastava distributed clothes packets and biscuits at Vivekanand Bal Shiksha Kendra, Saleh nagar,Lucknow.
Mrs Anjali Pandeya and Mukesh distributed clothes to adults such as Riksha wala and labours at Bara Birva sabji mandi. It felt so good and satisfactory that some riksha pullers immediately put clothes on. I could see happiness on their faces and that makes me feel good too. We gave them biscuits packets too. I thank to the people who donated such good conditioned clothes to Aadhar.

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