Monday, July 19, 2010

children and adults enjoyed plantation

On 15TH JULY 2010 Bal Sangrhalya secretary Dr. Usha Chaudhry inaugrated the event by planting a fruit plant SHARIFA.Electronic and print media was present for the coverage. Hindi Newspaper Hindustan, Swatantra Chetna and Rashtrya Sahara covered the event with photographs. special guest Mr. ChandraBhushan Tiwari, who promised himself to plant one lakh plants on earth for saving the enviornment. Mr. Arun Kumar Pandeya, Dr.S.C.Gupta, Dr.S.B.Gupta, Dr. Chandra Gupta, Mrs. Kusum Gupta, Mrs. Anjali Pandeya,Mrs. Sushma Gupta, Mrs. Pushpa Misra, Mrs. Poonam Srivastav, Balsnagrhalya's incharge Mr. Rakesh Misra, Bal Vidya Mandir warden Mrs. Beena Misra, Ms Manju Gupta, Bal Vidya Mandir School Children and other children planted more than 100 plants. There were differnt type of plants such as PEEPAL, NEEM, AMLA,BELPATRA,HARSINGAR,BOTTEL BRUSH,ASHOK,SHARIFA, SHATOOT, AND AMROOD(GAUVAVA).
Mr. Chandra Bhushan Tiwari taught children how to plant a tree- First take plant out from the plastic bag and then break little the soil so plants can breath and have food through roots . Dig a 2or 2and half feet hole to plant a tree. First, fill it with water and khad then plant the tree.

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