Tuesday, June 28, 2011

water saving

Aadhar sanstha and Indian Airtel Ltd.,commercial Data jointly did an activity to educate on water saving and water conservation to orphan children at Leelawati Munshi balgrha,Motinagar,Lucknow on 17th June 2011. Mr. S. S. Shukla, commercial Data, Head and Dr. S. C. Gupta not only taught water saving tips but also taught them how to make a habit in each day life. They taught them how to conserve water in soil as well.
Dr. Chandra asked children, if they have any enquiry in to any thing which inquisit them and no one is around to answer their question, they can ask us. One girl, named Sunita studding in grade 6th came forward. She asked ‘ I want to be an engineer what should I do? She is told by one of our guest- 'First have faith in you and say to yourself ‘I can do it.’ For this you need math and science as a subject. Through her question Aadhar sanstha decided to make available carrier related literature and magazines at Leelawati Munshi Balgrh from now.
Later children performed dance and songs.
Both Aadhar and Indian Airtel ltd. gave bedsheets, school-bags and Hindi,English,Math,and Drawing copies, at the end snacks were given to children.