Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holi Milan

Aadhar sanstha members celebrated Holi Milan @ Arun Kumar (president) house on 7th March. Anjali Pandeya(sec.) introduced aims of sanstha, which are helping poor and helpless children in education and health, Bring thought- revolution for dowry and girl -fetus-abortion in kitty parties, Educate poor women for hygene, health, and help them in making independent,save the Enviourment.
In respect of saving enviourment, sanstha members decided to plant trees in July.
Mrs. Sushma Gupta sung a gazal. Dr. S. B. Gupta and Mrs. Pushpa Gupta made Holi-Milan colorful with their holi songs. Dr. S. C. Gupta and Ms Manju Gupta cracked some jokes. At last Dr. Chandra Gupta sung a song. Arun pandeya and Anjali Pandeya thanked every body for being the part of it.Holi milan ended by pooldinner.

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