Sunday, March 28, 2010

As a person i believe women play an important role in dowry system.Though Indian man usually don't listen to their wives, but in dowry demand they silently support them. Ladies- Kitty is very popular activity among women, so i decided to go in these kitty-parties and put open discussion about dowry, and girl- feteus-abortion. Through this I want to bring awareness in women. In continuation of this mrs. Asha Gupta and mrs. Sapna Gupta invited me on10th march 2010 to their house in kitty-party. A woman said"i didn't take dowry in my both sons wedding, but it's difficult to get a son- in-law without dowry.So I request every reader to be part of this revolutionary thought through kitty-parties.
Anjali Pandeya


  1. though these kitty parties etc are the activities , usually, of well off & literate people and they know the importance, but same time as you rightly said that awareness in women is of key-importance; also reminding factor & hammering again and again is very important for such socially important issues.

  2. --हिन्दी में यह अभियान अधिक कारगर होगा, विचार करे.

    ---स्वीक्रित वाला पार्ट,शब्द पुष्टीकरण, हटादें ---आसान व खुली टिप्पणियां आने दें, यह सामाज़िक सरोकार की बात है।